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2 months into a new contract, VZW replaces a VX6000 lost, ..

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May 27, 2004 5:14:16 PM

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Two months into a new contract, a smooth talking person gets VZW to replace
his now broken VX6000 for $79.99. Outstanding customer service. So in 2
months, he got 2 VX6000; he asked, and was persistent. You got to hand it
to him for his effort and persistence.

Worth sharing: customer declined insurance on a VX6000 and are 2 months
into a contract when it falls into a puddle right before he backs his truck
over it. He later claims he had no idea the full value of the phone would
be $300+, and said he thought it would just be the same full-value he
originally paid: $79.99 (after rebate). His receipt has his initials on it,
right next to the line acknowledging the phone has a $300+ value, enough
said, and he has the wireless protection plan AND his initials next to the
decline insurance box.

He has tried for 10 days to get someone to "give" him a replacement phone,
because it isn't his fault he was "confused". This gets better: he alleges
that eventually a VZW supervisor tells him to come back to our store, his
initial Point Of Sale, and that we have "discretion" to just give him a
replacement phone. (Sure, we can take $300 out of our pocket and give it to
him too). Best: VZW supervisor also tells him that VZW will "comp" me for
any expense if I give him a phone. (Oh, if only such a process or procedure
really existed for the agent channel)

We feel bad for him, but we did tell him about insurance. We can't give him
a phone at a loss, but he insists, so we call VZW and see if we can connect
to the person who made the offer. Two cs reps say no way, there are no notes
in his account about any such calls (surprise), but he persists, and he
takes over the phone. Eventually he connects to a supv, who agrees to send
him a brand new VX6000 phone, $149.99 less a mail in rebate. The only
stipulation: you must put insurance on it :-) A happy ending for a
customer who at all times was polite and professional. He presented a
compelling argument, and VZW gave him the benefit of the doubt. We're happy
for him. Your personal mileage may vary.

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May 27, 2004 5:20:59 PM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?)

Nice fantasy.