Splinter Cell: Double Agent any good?

Topic sums it up. I've played others in the series and found them enjoyable, albeit forgettable. How does this compare?

Just wondering if I should put time into playing this one...
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  1. Hell yes, I love Double Agent. Make sure you have a controller though so you can control how fast you move.
  2. the multiplayer is extremly buggy, but when it works, its unlike anything else i've played, and fun with it - I never really got into the singleplayer, but i only ever completely finished one splinter cell game's singleplayer, even though i enjoyed them all
  3. i beat pandora tommorrow, but couldn't win the first one. got stuck at the part with the dogs. working on choas theory and will get double agent soon. one of my favorite series.

    Also, to extend his question, does the xbox 360 version have co-op slitscreen?
  4. I just picked this up. Basically, it's the same as the others in the series with marginally improved graphics. All in all, worth the $20 I paid, but not more.

    It doesn't have a widescreen resolution above 1280x720 (WTF?). I tried to do some .ini modification to force it to 19020x1080, but it doesn't seem to work in Vista.
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