Insane i7 920 gaming / workstation

Newly built really just because I wanted to put a system together. Not parting anything out - Video - Case - Power - HDD 2GS - Ram - Mobo

i7 920 cpu, ASUS P6T Deluxe mobo (v2), 12gb DDR3-1333, hd 4870 Vapor X 2gb GDDR5, 300gb Velociraptor...

I was thinking around $1300 shipped w\ windows 7 rc x64 installed or $100 for vista home prem + windows 7 upgrade

$1550 for vista + win 7 upgrade + 23'' dell LCD
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  1. damn... all my newegg links are broken. I will post a couple pictures later tonight.

    I could also add up to 3 tb storage, or 2tb+ raid 5 for $200 more.
  2. Wow... system building cheap. =D

    Too bad I just put together my system, or I think I'd actually go for this.
  3. I ended up selling the Mobo + Cpu + Ram + Hard drive for $900 w\out the case, psu, or video card. (craigslist)

    I really built it mostly to just build a new system... I didn't intend to use it.
  4. ^ lol, building comps is such an expensive hobby... ='(

    Are you selling the other components?
  5. Maybe that's a hobby I need...
    It is a hobby that can fetch a small profit atleast (a decent amount I'd assume if you charged for overclocking).
  6. Btw, itadakimasu, are you selling that graphics card or any other GPUs?
  7. I have the 8600GTS.... I think i'm going to keep the 4870 and use it for my main system.

    I would hate selling my 3870 because I dropped $200 for it last october.... and now they go for like.... $60-70 on ebay, maybe less.
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