wow still not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the same question twice, but this time i have mo9re info. Whenever i try and patch the game i get this message "This update requires "World of Warcraft" version" ok, so i go to patch to that and i cant find the right patch. Do i have to start at the bottom of all of the patches, and go one by one all the way up to the newest patch, or can i doo all of the patches in one shot? could u please provide any links or info that you have, i really want to play and cant figure this out. :fou:
ps: i cant just sign in and have it update for me, im trying to use wowscape, or some equivalent :)
also, does this have anything to do with my wow.exe, whenever i try to run the repair tool it wont let me because my wow.exe is out of date, how can i fix that? and repair.exe did not come with my game, i cant find it in the folder :pt1cable:
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  1. whenever I had a problem with a wow install I just uninstalled and reinstalled, patched up using the wow launcher, and it worked away fine

    just remember to backup your addons folder if you have any that you want to keep
  2. I'm not familiar with Wowscape... I would recommend trying the game without any add ons once it is installed and see if the problem appears when the addon is installed. If it does then check the website for the addon and see if they have a forum or an email address where you can ask about the problem. It might be something that they have seen before and can recommend a fix.
  3. I recommend that you simply uninstall the whole lot and then burn any evidence that you ever owned it. Life is never soo bad that you have to spend it playing wow. You'll thank me in a few years time...
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