Halo 2 (PC) - 2 Player 1 comp?

hey, i just got halo 2 and was wondering if it was possible to play halo 2 multiplayer on 1 computer with a split screen like xbox. i cant seem to figure it out, or does it just not support it? :(
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  1. It's extremely rare for a PC to support split screen, mainly because of the whole 1-keyboard 1-mouse thing. The only games you'd find with that functionality would be things like bomberman... sweet sweet bomberman
  2. oh darn, i guess this is confirmation that halo 2 isnt split screen? or is it just your thoughts?
  3. It is extremely EXTREMELY unlikely. I would be amazed if it was.
  4. It's not dude.
  5. kk thx guys =)
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