FS: Core i7 920 C0 & CM V8 heatsink (used 3 days)

Hi all, I have a core i7 920 C0 CPU for sale...I have had it for
roughly 3 months and it has been overclocked to 3.8 with only a vcore
of 1.255...So im sure that the 3.8 can go higher, I just never tried

With the overclock, the CPU has been watercooled since day 4 of
ownership so the temps of it have stayed really low. I would like $200
shipped in the US for the chip. It has alot of potential.

ALSO with the chip is the stock heatsink that has NEVER been out of
the box because I used the v8 which is pictured for sale as well below
the i7...the heatsink has been in the box its entire lifetime.

My screen name on EVGA's forums is SimC33 that is why that name is in the photo...

I am also selling my cooler master V8 heatsink. I only used it for HONESTLY 3-4 days before having all of my watercooled parts at my disposal to put in.

I am looking for $50 shipped to anywhere in the US...I accept paypal only.

Here are some pictures, enjoy

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  1. I'll give you $40 shipped for the cooler.
  2. itadakimasu said:
    I'll give you $40 shipped for the cooler.

    You have PM
  3. Is there any chance that your CPU is still for sale. I see this is an old post.
  4. he sold it. I bought the cooler and somebody else bought the cpu.
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