Mobo/Vidcard Problem!


I've just installed a new Motherboard (TUSL2-C) to replace my old (P3V133) one and I've got some problems. I Experience, while in games, Graphical Artifacts (similar to errors you get when overclocking your vid card), Cashes (to desktop or lockups) and alot of errors (runtime errors for the most part). I also have IE crashes and explorer crashes.

My config is :
PIII 733 Mhz CPU
TUSL2-C S370 (815EP chipset) (BIOS 1012)
384 MB PC133 SDRAM
MSI MX400 PRO32S (MS-8817) GeForce 2
The rest of the hardware seems irrelevant.
CPU and Vidcard Are in no way overclocked

Tried setting Vcore to 3.3, 3.4 (default) and 3.6 w/o change
AGP set to 2x in bios, that seemed to help.

Software :
Windows 2000 Pro SP3 With all updates (IE6 SP1) (Re-installed after changin mobo)
The Chipset drivers for my board
DirectX 8.1
41.09 Detonator Drivers

I also found that my videocard was making alot of heat.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

P.S. I did not experience this problem On the P3V133, But Did on the TUSL2-C AND on a CUSL2 (i got the CUSL2 one b4 and figured the board was defective, so returned it and got the TUSL2-C)
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  1. First off, I'm a little confused about your VCore setting to 3.3 to 3.6 volts. You must have a Pentium III, right? That chip only runs at 1.75 volts standard if I remember correctly. I'm assuming you mean you changed the I/O voltage, right?

    Anyway, here's a few things I would try
    1. Go through again and make sure that ALL your drivers are the latest and the correct ones for Win2k.
    2. Pull out your 128 meg stick of RAM. (I assume you have one 256 and 1 128?)See how it runs on just the one stick in case there are any compatibility problems between the memory sticks. You might also try setting the memory to 100 MHz. just to see if the problems go away. You wouldn't want to leave it that slow, but at least it might tell you more about what's going on.
    3. What's the temp shown in BIOS on your CPU? Make sure you have good cooling. It shouldn't be above 50 degrees C. Check it while under load as well with a monitoring program like Motherboard Monitor, or you can use the Asus Probe software.
    4. Finally, is your power supply OK? This rig shouldn't take much, but it's always a possibility if it's old or less than 250 watts.

    Don't worry about the video card producing heat... These GeForce chips get very hot normally.

    Good Luck!

    700 Mflops in SETI!
  2. Thanks For the reply... Apparently my 128MB stick is defective. That must have also been the reason for the illegal operations i had back with my 450, guess they werent as severe because it was running at 100 mhz instead of 133.

    I Dont know why I didnt try that... Guess exam week had its toll on me.

    Well, thanks for the help!!

    (and yes, i did mean VIO, not VCORE)
  3. Glad you got it figured out!


    700 Mflops in SETI!
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