FS/FT: Memory,TV Tuner,G7,Xbox,Games,720P Projector, Vista Ult +MORE!

Well, these are all past purchases I've made, which I've upgraded on now. So I have no use for them anymore. Trying to raise money for the upcoming tuition this month. All items include shipping price, and will possibly trade for other items if applicable. Make me an offer. Only ship within the US, if anywhere else, you pay shipping costs. Accept Paypal only. All items working awesome unless noted otherwise. Items I would trade for, or buy are listed at the bottom.[/#99ff00]



(1) Intel E6600 2.4GHZ Processor/CPU - SOLD for $110
(1) ASUS P5W DH DELUXE Motherboard w/ Accessories - SOLD for $130
Video Card
(1) Sapphire ATI X1900XTX 512MB (Picture of card in my computer. Once bought, time 2 upgrade. Works awesome) - $35 Shipped PIC
(2) x1GB=2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC-6400 DDR-800 (BL12864AA804) - $25 Shipped
(1) x1GB Patriot 1GB Memory PDC22G5300LLK PC2-5300 DDR2 - $10 Shipped PIC
(2) x2GB=4GIGS G.SKILL DDR2 PC2-8000 Memory - $45 Shipped PIC
(1) Hauppauge PVR-150MCE PCI TV Tuner - $20 Shipped
(1) NETGEAR Wireless-N PCI Adapter 270 MB/s WN311B - $40 Shipped
External Devices
(1) Dynex USB Optical Mouse - $6 Shipped PIC
(1) Logitech G7 Receiver, Charger, 2 Batteries, and Mouse (Working perfectly. This mouse replaced the non-working one below) - $45 Shipped
(1) Logitech G7 Receiver, Charger, 1 Battery, and Mouse (Non working Mouse. Doesn't Sync) - $21 Shipped PIC
(2) Gateway 2.0 USB Speakers GEMPU1-1G *NBIB* - $10/ea Shipped PIC
(1) Logitech USB Rumblepad 2 Game Controller - $10 Shipped PIC

(1) OPTIMA HD70 720P Projector w/ Warranty (Includes Free Bulb Replacement. Exp 12/09. Awesome Price! Paid $1200 for mine. Still have receipt!!) - $589 Shipped

(1) Vista Ultimate 32-bit *NEW* (Won in a Content, already have vista!) - $85 Shipped
(1) Vista Ultimate 62-bit *NEW* (Won in a Contest, already have vista!) - $85 Shipped
Won in a tech contest, already have vista and paid to enter the contest, so selling it to someone who needs it.


(2) Netgear WNR834B Wireless-N Router flashed with DD-WRT - $25/ea Shipped (SOLD)
Wireless To Ethernet Bridge
(1) DWL-800AP+ Flashed as a DWL-810AP (Good for a wireless to ethernet device. Used for my xbox 360) - $20 Shipped
(1) USB D-Link Print Server DPR-1260 - $19 Shipped

(2) 2FT VGA Cables - $4 Shipped each
(1) HDMI Cable from a retail gfx card - $6 Shipped
(1) 6FT HDMI Cable that came with my xbox360 - $8 Shipped
(1) 3FT HDMI Cable that came with my 4870 - $6 Shipped

(1) Creative Muvo2 MP3 Player (Replaced 4GB Flash Card with internal 512MB Flash Card) - $30 Shipped PIC
(1) Behringer Ultra Metal UM100 Distortion Pedal - $25 Shipped (SOLD)
(1) Wasabi Distortion pedal - $40 Shipped
(1) Digitech X-Series Distortion Guitar Pedal (Missing top pedal part). - $20 Shipped


(1) AT&T Audiovox SMT5600 Sim Card Phone Smartphone Windows Mobile - $20 Shipped PIC
(1) Ti-83 Plus Silver Edition - 49 Shipped PIC

-XBOX 360-

(1) RROD Xbox 360 - Good 4 Parts (DVD Drive, Casing, Insides, etc. Or if you can fix a RROD. Comes with everything but controllers and HDD) - $50 Shipped PIC
Got a RROD a few months back. Worked for 3 years straight. Don't know how to fix these, so I'm selling it for whoever can.
(1) Xbox 360 bottom shell casing WITHOUT HDMI - $10 Shipped PIC

Games (All come with manual and case)

(1) Rock Band - $20 Shipped
(1) Mass Effect - $20 Shipped
(1) Perfect Dark Zero - $15 Shipped
(1) Oblivion - $15 Shipped
(1) Chrome Hounds - $6 Shipped
(1) Kameo: Elements of Darkness - $15 Shipped
(1) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - $10 Shipped
(1) GTA IV - $23 Shipped
(1) Lost Planet Limited Edition w/ Case - $28 Shipped
(1) Ninja Gaiden II - $20 Shipped
(1) Guitar Hero II - $25 Shipped
(1) Guitar Hero III - $25 Shipped
(1) Gears of War I - $15 Shipped PIC #2

-Sony PSP-

(1) Sony PSP Fantastic 4 UMD Movie - $10 Shipped
(1) Broken Sony PSP - LCD screen cracked. - $49 Shipped

Games (All come with manual and case)

(1) Wipeout Pure - $6 Shipped
(1) Twisted Metal - $7 Shipped

WTB/WTT:These are all items I would like to trade one of my items for, or buy from you.

Video Card: ATI HD4870 1GB
LCD 24inch Monitor
Cool-looking fan controller
Old Working Laptop
Rolling Desk Chair
ANY UV Cathode/Light (Preferably A.C. Ryan - I would trade you any of my items $15 and under for a good UV cathode).
Rolling Desk Chair
Anything you have thats ~coOL~.


Ebay: you have any questions, just pm me! I check it many times a day!
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