For Sale - Lightly used HP Pavilion a6244n

Good condition,has an 2.20GHz Core 2 Duo (E4500),3Mb Ram (2x 1gb 2x 512 DDR2),an Dedicated Nvidia 8300GS video card,and an 500GB hard drive,Intel VIIV certified.
Instead of the stock low quality HP monitor it will have the Awesome Quality Samsung Syncmaster 905BW,an Great 19 inch monitor that retails for about 200$
The seen separately powered Speakers are included.
System Will have Windows Vista Home Premium x86 installed.

Hp's information on this computer:

$750 USD +UPS Shipping costs.
From 18634 US
Paypal only.
I am selling this so I can buy a laptop to go online from my Bedroom instead of from the living room.
To View the machine,click here:
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  1. How can to buy this ???
  2. I'm sorry,I do not understand,do you mean How Can i buy this?
    how this will work is,you give me your shipping address,I will calculate shipping through UPS,they I will tell you how much it is,then You pay me 750$+ shippping,I send it out,you get the machine,you be happy.
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