Crysis 1.2 Patch problems

So After a few months of waiting I finally decided last weekend to take the plunge, buy crysis, and see what my computer could do. When I installed the game, i searched for patches and sure enough found that crytek had just released 1.2. Thinking that only good things could come, i quickly patched the game and loaded it up.

Unfortunately, everything has not gone well. Every single humvee i encounter in the game seems to have no rear wheels at all. :pfff: They're there all right, if you shoot where the tires should be they pop and the rim appears, and the truck drives fine, but i can't see them. Also, during the cutscene where you find the frozen ship (the end of the demo) everyone appears to be holding huge black boxes instead of guns.

At first i thought it was a problem on my end, so i looked for newer drivers (there weren't any) and tried downclocking my GPU in case it was a heat issue. No luck. I played through the entire demo before buying crysis and never experienced any of these glitches, so i don't know what to think.

Should i uninstall any go back to 1.1 or even vanilla crysis? :ouch:

I am running:
EVGA 8800GTS 320
E4300 @ stock speeds
2 gigs of Patriot DDR2 - 800 @ 4-4-4-12
Thanks in advance, Joetheone
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  1. Quite an unusual issue you have there lol.

    I'd try to reinstall the game. Don't overclock just yet...leave it at stock for now.

    Try the first level with version 1.0 and if everything goes well then install the patch 1.2. Try again.

    If all is well then overclock.

    Also, make sure you run Crysis.exe without extension commands (as it might have change with version 1.2).
  2. I have seen several other threads about this exact problem (missing tires, etc. in v1.2), so I believe it is an issued with the patched version of the game, not with your hardware.
  3. What a weird bug. I reset my RAM timings, speed, voltage, ect. to auto and have been playing the other levels and i noticed that in every level except "contact" the wheels are back on the trucks.... though I'm pretty sure now that the cutscene problem was from heat. After leaving my comp off for a night i booted up and went straight to that scene in crysis and it ran fine.
  4. Yeah I've got missing jeep wheels too, If you go really fast it suddenly spins you around too, as if its got blow outs.... This only stated to happen after I installed patch 1.2, having alrady had 1.1 installed.
    I don't tend to use the jeeps much anyway, in hardest play mode you have to stop driving to shoot top mounted gun - its just too slow... not quite like the ending scenes of Rambo lol....
  5. I had similar problems back when I had a 8800GTS 320M, in addition to giant triangles and other wierd graphic anomalies in Crysis. Other games were fine. It is a known problem with the Nvidia driver for that specific card and the fix is to change versions of the Nvidia driver. That may mean downgrading if you have the latest, so be sure to use Driver Cleaner Pro.
  6. Crytek really screw this patch up and tarnished their name a bit, this is unacceptable!! :fou:
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