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I am wanting to sell my SPARKLE Geforce 9600GT. It's in great shape, hardly used (actually ran in computer for 1 month). Comes with box with DVI-AGP adapter and PCI-E power plug adapter both unopened. Got it as a sweet ass upgrade for my PC, then kinda realized I don't game on my PC as much anymore. This card can play all new games pretty damn well. If you already have this card, SLI another one and you will have a powerhouse.

Also a great Physx card

It is PCI-E and 512MB of GDDR3. HDTV out and Dual-DVI outs. HDCP ready.

Comes with
-Original Box
-PCI-E power adapter, so if your PSU doesn't have one, you can just use a molex connector
-DVI-to-AGP adapter if your monitor isn't DVI friendly.

This card retails for around 100 Dollars, I am asking 60 which is a good price for the performance.

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  1. Price Lowered to $50 and I pay shipping
  2. I am interested. However your link does not work.
  3. Bluescreendeath said:
    I am interested. However your link does not work.

    Hmm, weird...It was working last night :(

    I just sold it however and was coming here to update the thread. thank you for the interest :)
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