I just picked up this Oldie BUT GOLDIE yesterday, and installed it.

In game, my JOYstick (saitek x45) doesn't seem to be recognized. It's there on the startup screen, but do I have to map it?

The instructions seem to indicate that it should just 'work'.

Still, the ships look pretty nice, and I was hoping for some old skool Elite type action this evening..

Anyone got a joystick working in this game?
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  1. Have you checked to see if there are any update patches for it?

    If you haven't, maybe that might solve it.

  2. thanks,

    yep, I've installed the 2.5 patch.
  3. I've tried for in vain for a long time to get my saitek to work with X3. I love the genre. But with the joystick plugged in the game was so full of glitches as to be unplayable. No patch has fixed the issue. I can play it great as long as I use the mouse/kb combe, but not with the joystick. It's a shame. These games have a reputation of being full of possibilities, but totally bug-ridden. But actually the handling isn't too bad with the mouse.
  4. I had a joystick problem with X2 (I have a Logitech extreme).

    No matter what I did the display would pan right endlessly. The joystick was fine in the properties menu, and works in other games.

    I finally gave up. Too bad - I wanted to like X2 so badly.
  5. No problems for me in either X2 or X3.
    Using a fairly old Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner...

    "These games have a reputation of being full of possibilities, but totally bug-ridden"

    Actually I've found the X-series of games to be incredibly bug free, especially considering how complex the X-Universe is. Awesome games, I've played through X-BTF, X2 and X3. Yet to start on XTM and waiting in anticipation for X3TC!
  6. The X series has always had problems with joysticks for some reason. I ended up giving up and using the mouse instead - I actually think it works better.
  7. I think I'm happy with the mouse and keyboard. Seems to work fine.

    If only I knew what to do...
  8. This thread has convinced me to try X2 again with mouse/keyboard.

    One question, if anyone knows:

    I have the boxed version which has Starforce on it, so I went to Egosoft's website and downloaded all of the patches for it up to 1.5.

    Do the patches remove all traces of Starforce or will I still have to manually remove it?

    I haven't re-installed the actual game yet.
  9. WHILST WE'RE on the subject:

    I think X3 has Starforce. Can I get rid of that junk and still play the game?

    You know: You can pick up X3 for about 8 bucks (well, I did, on Amazon)

    ps, who is the tennis (?) player?
  10. X3 had starforce on release, it was patched out a couple of months later.

    If you are using 2.5, there is no copy protection.
  11. jay_l_a - welcome to the X universe, and have fun...

    Don't think we'll be seeing him for a few weeks :)
  12. darkstar782 said:
    X3 had starforce on release, it was patched out a couple of months later.

    If you are using 2.5, there is no copy protection.

    Upgrading to v2.5 will not automatically remove Star-Force. You will need to use the Star-Force Removal Tool to get rid of it. A link is provided in EgoSoft's forum:


    The only way to avoid installing Star-Force with X3 is to:

    1. Install the game.
    2. Immediately afterwards apply the appropriate v2.0 (or higher, currently at v2.5) upgrade patch (I have X3 version 1.4 before applying the 1.4 -> 2.5 patch).
    3. Play the game.

    Star-Force was disabled with patch 2.0. Note, I said disabled, not uninstalled.
  13. Just to be completely useless Ive been using x3 with a usb joystick since it launched and not had a problem, plug and play as long as the joystick was plugged in before the game was launched... same with X2, and the original x beyond the frontier.

    Cheap £15 "trust" joystick its basic but I cant knock it, got me through something like 14 aces in galaxies as well :D

    The X3 games are all well and good but I dont think they quite capture the vastness of space like the original elite... Where else can you find edible arts graduates :D

    Elite 4 is stil "in progress" last I heard...

    I believe both Elite and the X series are talking on and off about mmorpg versions...
  14. I always used a MadCatz Xbox 360 Game Pad and it worked well. I had to use Xpadder to get both sticks working, but it was well worth it to be able to strafe with the right stick.

    Always strafe.

    And you will win.

    As for the bugs, patches have pretty much taken care of most of the big ones. It's the major design flaws with the economy and the horribly inadequate interface (or lack thereof) for managing large fleets that finally got me to call it quits.

    All that being said, I wasted more hours of my life playing X3 than I have with any other game ever, including Morrowind. I'm really looking forward to the sequel.
  15. so let me get this straight -

    If I install X2 and patch it up before running the game for the first time it prevents Starforce from installing?
  16. That seems to be the opinion for X3, not sure about X2.

    I think I need to restart my game. I was lead to a couple of encounters initially, and then I just wandered though a portal (gate thingy)

    AND NOW, I just seem to be ambling meaninglessly.

    Yes. A start from the beginning is in order. I'm lost.
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