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I'm getting ready to buy my first console game in many years. I know that the XBox 360 has online gaming, are you able to play World of Warcraft using the free membership that comes with the XBox 360, or do you still have to pay an additional fee to the WoW manufacturer?

Also, what about other online MMORPGs like Eve (or others)? Do they generally require an additional membership to play online via the XBox 360 console?

Obvious newbie questions, I know, thanks for the assistance.
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  1. Eve & WoW aren't available on any console.

    And yes MMORPG's on Xbox 360 generally require an additional fee
  2. most mmo's aren't available on consoles to my knowledge
  3. spuddyt said:
    most mmo's aren't available on consoles to my knowledge

    Yea, not yet! FFXI is the only MMO that I can think of it and Huxley will be cross platform I believe, but it is an MMO FPS. I dont really play MMO's, but I hope they dont start switchin over to consoles as well...even though I have a ps3 and 360. We need to keep as much on the PC side as we can imo.


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