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just ordered one of these (for reasons other than gaming), and was curious about its polygon pushing potential. anyone reading have prior experience in the area? im mainly curious about the sony vaio tz series, but any info would be nice. i realize that, as there's no dedicated video memory on these things, i prolly dont have much to look forward to other than solitaire heh
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  1. Well I suppose Java and Flash games would be your weapon of choice...
  2. Well.... I guess you could hope the rumors of external GPU's come true sooner rather than later....
  3. observing that you both begin with "well", im glad my expectations weren't too high to begin with heh. i did run across a blog where some guy was running Guild Wars on a sony tz series with no major issues (low resolution settings tho), so perhaps it won't be a total no show. i plan on throwing on sins of a solar empire when i receive it (today), and will post the results. thx for the replies!
  4. From the looks of it the Asus EEE does a pretty good job of it:
  5. The new iPhone SDK makes one nice ultra portable gaming platform. You Tube the Sega and EA presentations.
  6. thanks for the link ubermoose, very informative. that asus eee is actually more of an ultraportable than my tz, yet it was able to play homeworld/diablo 2 etc! i may have some gaming to look forward to after all hah

    i received the sony tz last night and found it to be loaded with bloatware (windows Vista inclusive). also it also looks like a good portion of the 64gb SSD is taken up by a hidden partition containing what i assume to be the OS, which explains why Vista didn't come as an installation disc. one piece of good news is XP DID come on disk, 2 disks actually. so its gonna take a bit longer to get some games up and running but will post when i do.. i figure someone else might be in the same boat as i at some point

    The new iPhone SDK makes one nice ultra portable gaming platform. You Tube the Sega and EA presentations.

    as the happy owner of an iphone myself i'll admit i'm really excited about the open SDK too. im more than willing to clear off some of my mp3s in exchange for space for what can only be some awesome games in the future
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