3870X2 + Supreme Commander = No love

I've recently upgraded my PC from a 8800 GTS 512 to a 3870X2.
Generally I'm happy I made the move - there are real world performance gains.

However, I now have a problem running Supreme Commander which worked fine before the upgrade.
When I load the game I am presented with the error "Unable to start - Please verify video hardware meets minimum specifications. Please ensure your computer has current video drivers."

I am running catalyst drivers version 8.3 on a windows vista ultimate system.

I've tried re-installing the game and the game works however as soon as all the required update patches are installed I'm presented with the same error message as above.

Strangely I have Forged Alliance and this works perfectly after my upgrade as do all my other games (COH, EAW, DOW 40K, C&C3).

Any help/suggestions as to how to fix this would be much appreciated :)
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  1. make sure the Nvidia drivers are fully uninstalled, use a program called driver cleaner pro, to remove all vid driver(ati and Nvidia) and then reinstall the ATI drivers,

    personally dont know why you made the move, the 3870x2 is only marginally faster in some games.
  2. Hi Flakes I tried your suggestion several times. Alas this didn't change my problem.
  3. hmm i cant find any answers for your problem... you could try beta drivers or a previous version of the drivers.
  4. You might have to get really thorough and anal on the driver uninstalling/installing side. Try uninstalling control center and the driver itself, then restart and use driver cleaner to get rid of any trace of nvidia and ati drivers perhaps still hanging around, then restart again this time booting into safe mode and manually search your hd for anything with ati or nvidia or 'nvd' (perhaps?) in the file name and delete it. Restart again and install with the cd it came with and the utilities on there, restart, cross all the t's and dot the i's in every way imaginable, then try installing the latest catalysts.

    First try reading this from anandtech.com :


    Read the next page also. This might give you some insight into potential installation problems with even a single 3870x2, and help you go through the install process in the most meticulous way. Thats the thing with ati cards I think, their a bugger to get installed and working properly compared to Nvidia cards, especially when going from an nvidia card to an ati one. My 2900pro was loads of trouble to get going, had 'new hardware found' messages all the time and a couple of games took a major performance hit over my old 7900gt. Just a software/installation issue I think. With nvidia cards you just uninstall the driver, pull out old card, put in new one, reinstall, restart, and off you go loading up fraps and your favourite games and basking in the warm glow of a spanking new card. =)
  5. are you crazy? why did you upgraded from 8800 GTS to 3870x2???

    8800 GTS can run all games in max settings why did you buy a new card?
  6. lol, well to each his own :\

    This was a huge problem when the game came out, have you checked gpgnet's boards?
  7. Hi guys,
    Answering a few things.
    I upgraded to the 3870X2 because at the resolutions I was running at 1680 x 1050 I was finding real performance hits especially in COH. The 3870X2 has really improved performance in this respect.

    I have now cheked out the GPGNET forum and found that there may be a problem with my "Games.perf" file. Apparently there a common problem with this being corrupted after you install upgrade patches - remember my game was working and only stopped working once I installed the upgrade patches rather than a video driver problem.

    They state that this problem can be fixed by deleting the relevant Games.perf file then loading the game and re-configuring all my settings.
    I'll give it a try and let you guys know how it goes.
  8. Fixed it.
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