Upgrade my Mobo without reinstalling the OS?

Hm.. Maybe not the right forum for this post, but I'll give it a go.
I'm about to change my Mobo. I have an ASUS A7V133, with the VIA Apollo KT133A Chipset. I've spent money on a SOLTEK Mobo with the same chipset, so that I can keep my 1GB of SDRAM and hopefully upgrade without reinstall the OS (Windows98SE). (Got a lot of different SW installed, and would love to avoid to install the lot again)
Is this possible? Or is Win98SE to "fragile" for this operation? In any case, is there an easy way to somehow copy the Reg. db. file, so that I won't have to spend hours on reinstall all programs from scratch?

Best regards.

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  1. Quote:
    I've spent money on a SOLTEK Mobo with the same chipset

    If they are the same chipset, then just replace new one and boot it up. Windows will redetect all devices. Usually, it will ask where the install files of each drivers (.INF), just direct it to directory <b>Windows</b> (they are stored in Windows\inf directory).

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  2. with win98se, you can do it, if you have a spare HD, ghost it first.

    should work fine, but most of the non-via drivers will have to be re-installed.

    (I would reinstall the VIA drivers anyway)

    the result will not be the most stable system in the world but it should be functional
  3. I'd format and re-instal. It will be time consuming but if you don't you'll end up troubleshooting minor "glitches" which could waste more of your time.

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  4. 1.) copy the new drivers from the CD to your C:\ drive
    2.) copy the Win98 directory from CD to your C:\ drive
    3.) restart and hit F8 key to get boot menu, choose safe mode
    4.) remove all removable drivers using add/remove programs
    5.) remove all devices from device manager
    6.) replace the board.
    7.) when the system boots and ask for drivers, choose the folder you stored them in on the C:\ drive. when it ask for the Windows 98 CD, direct it to c:\Win98.

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  5. Well I did it... All I actually needed was to reinstall the Via4in1 drivers. Apart from that it found all the other stuff/drivers where it should. It only took about half an hour, before I was up and running again.
    I've tested the system over and over again for any sort of glitches, and found none.
    So It is possible. Thanks for your replies/suggestions.

    Best Regards

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