Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa - Review

Review written by Travis Meacham.

Lord British is now "General" British as Richard Garriott leads us all into battle against the alien hordes that drove us from Earth in his new MMO. Is Tabula Rasa the science fiction World of Warcraft?
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  1. Meh Anarchy Online is not sub-par, just old school now ;p I still wub joo though.
  2. I was really hoping Tabula Rasa would be closer to an FPS MMO. I haven't played it myself, but I've seen a couple of friends playing it and it looks ok. It runs quite well considering that the graphics are pretty good. I'm still waiting for more of an FPS style of gameplay and / or more unique and / or random content.
  3. "Where's the beef?"

    This is a VERY accurate description of how I've felt playing the game, as it's all combat all the time. Let me first say that it has some potential, but in it's current state, it's got very little depth.

    - The bane are like ants, since they spawn at ridiculous rates and at the worst possible moments. At level 26, I'm fatigue at fighting so much, but there's nothing else to do, which lets to the next comment...

    - I've got a nice cash pile, but I can't spend it on anything, but supposedly, patches are on the way with much content for us with vehicles and more stuff...I certainly hope. I'd like some kinda ranking system for players and I'd like my own squad of NPC that I command, since you know...this is the military and all.

    - The "cities" are so bland and are in dire need of something to spice up the look of it. Foreas Base has alot of potential, but it's dead most of the time, with people running thru it from point to point and not interacting at all.

    I could go on and on, but I believe this game has some potential to fill the sci-fi void in the MMO sphere, but in it's current state, get ready to do one thing, fight fight fight.
  4. I played it for two months and I had fun with it but something was definitely missing because it did not get me hooked.

    I have to add that I've never played WoW and I think I'm not the type to get addicted to current gen MMO's. I like multi player experiences but I'm more attracted to the short term/round based kind of games with fresh new starts instead of a persistent world.
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