Difference between a Switch and a Hub?

I am setting up a network up at my house and was wondering what is the difference between a Switch and a Hub? Which should I buy amd why? Thanks for the help.
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  1. A hub is a multi-poet repeater. A signal coming in one port will go out all the other port and along any cables connected to them. For most home users this is ok.

    A switch combines the ability of a bridge and a hub. A bridge prevents data from passing it if the data isn't destined for the NIC(s) at the other end. This is done by MAC address on the NIC. The MAC address is a unique number. A switch is in essense, a hub with bridging capabilities. This means that more than one PC on your LAN can access the internet at the same time and direct the correct network traffic to the correct PC.

    Just for your info.

    A router is like a switch in it's purpose, but it doez things differently. It directs network traffic to PCs and other networks by IP number, using routed and routing protocols. From your point of view, it's a switch on a higher level with a more clever way of doing things. That would be the best network trafficing device, but depending on your network may be overkill.

    If your LAN will not be used for multiple, simultaneous internet access, go for a hub. The others are for multiuser/multitasking environments.

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  2. What you use your network for? If you only want to share internet than Hub will be fine.
  3. whatever your doing, 5 and fewer computers will do just fine with a hub. if your going to have lan games with more than 5 computers it would be in your best interest to get a switch.

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  4. Thanks for the clarification.
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