Dormant, now explicit Virus on Windows 7 RCx64

I have win 7 x64 rc and I had been using spybot search and destroy, ran searches daily and always came up clean. I found out I had another product key for kaspirsky so I uninstalled spybot and installed kaspiersky. I had to restart, and afterward it took over 10 minutes before the start panel would open. I tried moving the 1.14 kb file to the desktop and it took over 2 minutes; I can't get onto any programs, control alt delete doesn't work and I can't load kaspersky (and I think it never got the chance to download updates). I assume I had a/many dormant virus(es) and now that kaspersky is here they're coming out. What can I do? If worst comes to worst, i'll reinstall the OS but can I do anything else (no geek squad, no extra money)?
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  1. okay i think i solved it. i had two antiviruses running.
  2. tipical problem never let two antivirus softwares run together..

    Often antivirus programms cause more harm then they prevent.
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    Allow me to LOL..... ok sorry about that :) I only laugh because I did that myself (well like 8 years ago but still it was the same result)

    Putting 2 antivirus scanners on one machine is just bad mojo... It can be done but its over my head (well I could do it but it would involve much reading on my part)

    One thing is that at least you solved the issue and it will never happen again, the experience is quite painful, so grats on learning something and sorry about the panic it probably caused.

    Now for some real fun jump over to Linux.... good god after a few hours of making things work that you take for granted on Windows... My brain hurts after today.
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