Zoom WITHOUT trackpad on macs

I searched everywhere and i am getting quite annoyed with this issue that should be obvious and simple to resolve.

I have an iMac. I want to zoom onto a PDF LIKE pinch to zoom with trackpad OR ctrl+scroll on windows.
When i ctrl+scroll on mac, it zooms in the entire screen. I do NOT want this, i want to have the same effect that i get with the pinch to zoom gesture or the ctrl+scroll on windows, but this seems to be impossible.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,
Pedro johnston
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  1. WOW, tbh i thought this would be much quicker and an obvious answer would pop! If this is another one of those idiotic apple design holes that has to be filled in by 3rd party software (*), the regard i have for apple will drop a mile...

    (*) such as:
    - maximizing a window to fill the screen without enabling full screen mode
    - putting your ipod library into a new computer
    these are both really ridiculous and really annoying... apple should really start focusing on the details...
    edit: oh and an uninstall client... really really really ridiculous...
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