FarCry and 7600GT

FarCry will not load mission/game (will run intro) with 7600GT that i recently installed.

Farcry did run previously with a 6600GT that was fitted.

Question: Is there a farcry patch to fix incompatability - 7600GT's and do you have a link for it?
(OS is Vista HP 32bit)

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  1. uninstall the nvidia drivers and then use driver sweeper to get rid of the left over crap. then get the latest drivers from the nvidia site for your card, then install them if that does not solve your problem try uninstalling farcry delete all files left by it and do a registry scan. then try to install it again. there is a couple of patches for farcry but i dont think they are for compatability of graphics cards. for more information you could try the farcry tweek guide on www.tweakguides.com. let me no if you get the problem sorted.
  2. Hi, i have latest NV driver installed.

    If i uninstal FC i will loose my position in game.

    I guess i will have to instal latest FC full patch, but i have read that the 7600GT has issues with FC.
  3. I think your saves are under profiles/player/savegames.

    Just back that up and you should be ok.
  4. I had a 7600gt a while back, got some image problems with the game until I gave it the latest patch. I think its 1.4 or something.
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