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I have FSX: Deluxe Edition and I was wondering if you can create a flight plan to multiple cities and "act" like a airlinr pilot by shuttling passengers? Is this actually in the game or provided by add-ons? I've been doing the missions and lessons and was wondering how I can be a commerical airline pilot. I was looking at the Traffic ad-on and Cargo airline by Just Flight. I see Virtual Airlines but those are run by people and am I comparing Virtual Airline correctly by saying they are like "guild's in MMORPG's? I thought virtual airlines is provided in FSX. For example: I wanted to fly passengers from New York to Orlando, then fly to Puerto Rico, back to Orlando then to Aruba. Something like FSX offering you a job as an airline pilot or are these only available in add-ons? Can someone explain virtual airlines or did I explain it correctly? Thank you.....
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  1. never heard of this but all in all sounds like a cool idea
  2. I'm going to play hockey. Real hockey; none of that simulated crap. Sadly, fuel is getting too expensive to maintain my fleet of 737's; I am thinking of retiring all five of them and getting an A330. Stock it with hot tubs, jacuzzi's, booze, and the finest barely legal females I can buy.

    What were you talking about again?
  3. Can anyone mention a flight simulator, with fighter jet. Like USAF back in the windows 98? I'm soooooo want to play it. O... and ca can run in Xp and Vista. Thanks for the tips.
  4. To the OP EXCELLENT add-on. currently only version is for FS2004 but the FSX version is due to be released in a month or so. DEFINATELY worth buying. It revolutionized my flight simming. Check the forums, there is some useful info there and a good community.

    To the last poster. What about Falcon 4.0 Allied Force? I've never played it but might be worth looking at.
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