Computer lagging like hell with the game Portal?

I've got a pretty beefy computer but i'm having problems running the game portal.

After installing the game and stream, I let steam update all the games and then reset and start to play.

Once start portal the game opens and then my mouse lags all over and the sound is stuttering. HL2 work fine, but I have the same problem with HL2 E 2 and Team fortress 2, just unbelievable amounts of lag.

I have Bioshock and COD4 both running with no problems at 1900 x 1200 full AA.

Why can't i play these games from the orange box?

q9650 (at stock at the moment)
4 GB 1066 Ram
GTX 8800 sli
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  1. I've tried turning off SLI and still the same problem, I even removed one card to see if that would work.......

    All my drivers are the latest for my sound card and GPU's
  2. Bizzare... Got me stumped. I would have thought anything that effected portal, TF2 or HL2E2 would have effected HL2 since they all use the same engine. Maybe something in a recent patch?
  3. No more hard drive access than normal, strange that HF2 is working and portal and the other games won't play I've installed this orange box 3 times in the last two day and the same problem every time.

    I will try again and see.......

    When steam updates it seems to get stuck at 98% on portal a HL2 E 2 but when I click on the icons in the steam menu they say they are complete, 100%.......
  4. In that case you might want to completely remove the Orange box, uninstall Steam, reinstall steam. Reupdate steam, and reinstall the Orange Box. Just in case.
  5. Try just setting single or dual coreness in task manager



    right click

    core affinity

    turn off two cores?
  6. i cant help, but, how do you have the q9650? i thought it wasn't out yet? or am i living in a cave?
  7. I've seen that issue before. It's a steam issue where the validity check or crc reads correct, but the file is still corrupt. The only guaranteed way to deal with it I know is to uninstall, then reinstall, steam and all.
  8. i've developed a theory and a solution to this problem and posted it over @ the steam powered forums

    also this appears to be the same problem with a different solution

    fyi the orange box does not use the same engine as all other source games. the orange box uses the source engine 2007.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys I will try this weekend to install again and turn off a couple of cores and see if that works.

    Cheers for the link Sharft6 but this is the first time I've installed or created an account for steam.
  10. I have the same problem unfortunately; installed TF2 from the orange box, then steam, then update. Stuttering with no end. (And I get 15000 3D Marks, so no problem with the mighty power of my machine).

    Also a google search did not turn up any solutions. Ok; I'll go and have a look at those links fron sharft6 now...
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