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I used to play this game years ago at school on the net, a clone of planetarion if you know what that is but it was free. Something like Mech commanders but I cant remember it or find it. Can anyone put a name to it?
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  1. I'm old enough to remember when Planetarion was free...
  2. Good old Planetarion, haven't played that since I won it in season 3... god that was 2 months of my life that were wasted in front of a screen but at least I got a cool mug!

    MechWars... now that takes me back. It closed down a few years back. A few other mech-based web-based games that you might check out would be Cybots and Droidarena, both of which must be payed for to fully enjoy them.

    Couple of other PA clones floating around that are pretty good are Bushtarion, Planetia, and Spaceminers
  3. Thanks Guys.
  4. llama_man said:
    I'm old enough to remember when Planetarion was free...

    Hey Llama man, your not Jeff Minter are you.......
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