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If anyone is wanting to buy a X1950 pro, this video shows you its capabilities :D
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  1. Is AA on/off, what res it run in? Too many Questions :S

    I could prob run that game on my old system (A64 1.6ghz 0.5gig with 9600 radeon pro) and make that video. AA would be off, res would be 640 x 480. etc etc. Which a youtube does not show!

    Sorry but to me that video is useless. I Cant comment on youtube vids unfortunately as he did say to ask questions :(
  2. Everything on Maximum (except shadows)
    AA is on X2
    Res is 1024x768
  3. Just a sidenote; one of the worst games I ever started to play. The anouncing before every race alone makes you turn the sound off...
  4. They really couldn't of picked a much worse announcer. And for the game, i have not got a clue what its like, i only played the demo and it was okay. Soon as they realise that the underground series has alot more success, the better. Suppose underground 3 will be an MMO. That will be awesome if it were going to happen.
  5. ^ That would be nice really; but I'm afraid that it will melt down to "organised" single races unfortunately. With lags and all I mean...
  6. Test drive unlimited was a really big racing mmo. Maybe they could tune down the graphics of low to be significantly low and high settings for more higher, sophisticated systems.
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