older pc games on XP

hello, first of all I want to say : what a great forum !

now, i have this problem with an older pc game called urban runner .

i want to play it on my windows xp

the first image comes up asking me if i want to install the game, i politely answer yes, then everything disappears .

no error messages, nothing !

what should i do ?

plz explain in a simple fashion, im not very advanced .

i know about virtual pc, but i have no idea how to get it or make it work .
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  1. This might help getting an older dos based game to run in XP:

  2. Direct quote from wikipedia:

    1.) Change the "Compatibility" options under "Properties" of the setup executable files to Windows 95.
    2.) Run the setup.exe file from the helper application written by Ayumi.
    3.) Once installed, change the "Compatibility" "Properties" of the game executable (wloader.exe) to Windows 95 as was done for setup.exe.
  3. Okay, I'll try this out .

    thx for replying, appreciate it
  4. No worries
  5. when I load my game in dosbox it says this program has to be run under microsoft windows..

    i also tried burning the image file with astroburn onto an empty cd, so now i have the physical cd with the game on it.

    when i insert the cd, the game asks me if i want to enter the setup.. the setup sound can be heard but the setup still not visible

    can somebody help me out here please
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