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Can anybody help Ijust bought a ZZ Top CD but cant play it on my PC. It plays in the car and in a music center but not in my PC. I've checked to see if "permissions" is switched on and it is. Lots of other CDs play quite happily on my PC so why not this one?
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  1. Is this a new CD? Some copy protection features disable playing on a computer. Check the CD back and booklet for details.

    There was a neat story with this. Music companies wanted to keep their disks from being read on a PC and Phillips and Sony refulsed to give those disks the official "Compact Disk" stamp because they were going outside the CD specifications. Don't recall ever seeing the outcome of this, but it looks like you may have one of those disks.
  2. Hang-the-9 Thanks, I had thought it might be something like that but its nice to have confirmed.Did try to read the label and booklet and will once I have a magnifying glass.
    Thanks Stepmell
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