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Anybody tried this game? Wanted to review it quickly and ask for feedback.

Good game. I can lose myself in it for 3 hours, but dont play again for a week. The complexity of the game works. The AI is currently 2 against and 1 with me. My two enemies are attacking 2 different planets and I have not been able to counter it yet (save game). The graphics are good the interface is relatively simple and the game is overall well balanced.
However, the tech trees are boggling. Played about 20 hours and im still afraid to play multi-player. Have not been able to learn the tech trees only managed about a third of the three tech trees (Harmony = economic and exploration Hostility = military and Logistics = command points supply etc.) Not to mention that I have only played the Advent but assume that the three sides are similar.
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  1. The three sides fairly similar. One thing about the Advent is that they have phenomenal long range "missile" boats. The other sides have good ones, but not as good. The Advent one is the long range laser frigate.

    Also the Advent have some really nice advantages for culture spread.

    The other sides have their advantages though.

    As for your perdicament... I recommend you start fortifying the next planet and write of the current one on the smaller offensive. On the larger offensive, retreat all your fleets to a neighboring planet and have them group jump back in with all the ships you can muster. Fight off the larger offensive with your fleet while your defenses annoy the smaller one. Once the larger offensive is routed, start rebuilding and send your fleet with group jump still on over to the other battle.

    It will be a costly fight, but depending on your situation, it might be all you can do.

    Oh and... Awesome game.
  2. Ye, agreed fantasic game.

    Got on it and was totally immersed for several hours. I playing a solo FFA vs 4 AI oppenents. Great fun - loving the tech tree. I found the tutorials to be very comprehensive and easy to follow.

    The tech tree does take some getting use to but not in an annoying way. Once you strke the right path with it, its pretty much all systems go. You can focus on Military might and enhancement, fleet size, as well as planetary enhancements and expansion options.

    As far as space strategy goes this game is the best one I have played since the days of Reunion and Master of Orien. Total realtime game play is also quite a welcome change. The blackmarket and pirates are nice additions to keep it lively and for once the diplomacy functionality is intuitive, useful and responsive - actually adding to the game instead of being a frustrating hinderance.

    Fleet control and construction are fantastic to manage and the ship AI, pathing and autocontrol is a breath of fresh air and removes some of the annoying micro that hindered previous games of the type. Also, the diverse selection of tailored Capital ship provide a great element of veterancy and the type of "Character development"/RPG leveling that keeps a gamer involved and interested in the progression of development - as well as keeping your capital ship alive!

    Kudos to this game for getting me excited again - Im looking forward to rushing home from work and getting back to my personal battle for the space empire!
  3. I didn't really like the game at all. It's repetitive like WOW. Except for you get to endgame in a few hours. I would try the demo first if there is one. Maybe you are into games where nothing happens but you clicking the same things over and over on different planets.
  4. gamerguy1 said:
    Anybody tried this game? Wanted to review it quickly and ask for feedback.

    We wrote two reviews of Sins. The second one focuses more on the multiplayer aspect.

    Sins of a Solar Empire Review
    Second Opinion: Sins
  5. @ tmeacham

    Great - thanks for pointing that out. I missed those reviews. Going to try out the online now after that review now :)

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