160GB PS3 with Sony 4 year warranty FOR SALE

I'm hoping to sell this sweet gem to someone for $500.00

160GB PS3 with a 4 year warranty, 5 games, 1 bluray, and accessories
All items are in near mint condition. I can provide more photos if you like, just let me know
I've decided to buy a gaming PC so no need for PS3.

I can provide full/clear documentation regarding the warranty if you feel the picture below is sketchy

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  1. Your timing is less than ideal. :pt1cable:
  2. ^Sorry friend

    You can always buy another one :D
  3. You misunderstand completely. I didn't just buy one. Think hard and you'll figure it out. :hello:
  4. ps3 slim @ 300 ;D
  5. Slim + warranty + 5 games = way more than $450

    stick to crosswords old lady. you just ran outta chips
  6. what are the games you have? the only one i can make out is mgs4
  7. I can see Killzone 2.

    Brother almost bought a PS3 for that game alone...
    However, a slim is cheap now (though not as sexy). =D
  8. Uncharted, Killzone 2, MGS4, SOCOM, Oblivion. Also comes with a Bluetooth headset.
  9. Your best bet for max $ is eBay i managed to sell a 40gb for 300 which was great--people come here for bargains.
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