SIS or VIA Chipset??? HELP!

<b>Which is the better chip set - the Via or SIS?

I am looking at purchasing the Asus A7V333 or the A7S333. Does any body have any experiences on the topic? </b>

<b><<Here is the system I am building:>></b>
Athlon 1800xp <i> - New</i>
A7V333 or A7S333 <i> New</i>
256mb 2700 DDR <i> New</i>
Enermax 350W EG465P-VE <i> - New</i>

Geforce3 Ti-200 128mb<i> - From old System</i>
2x 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm <i> - From old System </i>
CDRW <i> - From old System</i>
DVD - <i>From old System</i>
10/100 NIC - <i>From old System</i>
SBLive EAX - <i>From old System</i>

Win2k OS
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  1. I have an a7v333 and it has been good to me but I would reccommend an a7n8x as it is superior. if I built a system right now that is what I would use. (thats an nforce2 chipset on the a7n8x)
    I realize that your current chip and ram won't fully utilize this board but with a bit of upgrading (buying another 256 stick) and eventually getting a xp2700+ or xp2800+ it will really have been worth it to get the more upgradeable motherboard now instead of replacing it later. I think this will get some extra life out of your system.
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  2. wusy, has nivida cleared up the supposed issue between the Asus A7N8X and windows 2000 pro? I believe ya mentioned it somewhere in the board but I can't seem to find it. Do ya have a link to the fix?

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  3. Did you ever find a post that said there was a problem with Asus & W2K?
  4. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's one</A>. But I think Asus just released a BIOS that clears up the problem.

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  5. I would definitely recommend an SiS chipset over VIA. I personally don't deal with VIA anymore. With their problems with data corruption in the past (I and another poster had a big thread about this that also involved Creative Labs sound cards), constantly making new 4in1 drivers, instability and compatibility issues, they are out for me.

    There has been alot of talk among the industry about VIA using other people's technology. Such as them stealing SiS memory interface to account for the 10% performance gain from the 266 to the 266A.

    Then of course with the release of their C3 processor, the idea was an cheap OEM processor that didn't generate alot of heat on the 0.13 micron processor, but yet a 500MHz Celeron performs about as well as a 1GHz C3.

    IMO Via is way too obsessed with RAM (but then, the entire industry and a good number of consumers seem to be taking the step).

    VIA's old V-Link memory HUB was only 266MB per second, while SiS was ahead of them with their custom 533MB per second link.

    Also, SiS still works with their single chip technology which I like (no southbridge).

    I actually am about to trade in my 266A for the board you are looking into, Asus' A7S333. For Xmas :-) SiS has always tried to stand out unique from ther crowd.

    The nForce 2 boards have some nice features like dual channel DDR, Hyper Transport memory HUB (800MB a second link); but I'm not ready to trust Nvidia with motherboard chipsets yet. They have proven themselves with video cards, but as someone in this thread just stated, it appears their boards have some issue with Windows 2000.


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  6. I was a via user for a long time, then I saw the light.

    Trust me, nforce2 owns. I have an a7n8x and I have had absolutley no problems whatsoever with it except for a temperture sensor that doesnt' report correctly, but hey, we can't have everything in life can we? I updated it's bios today, went smoothly. It's running an xp1800+ thoroughbred processor, but it picks up as a 2000+ automatically. Nice little performance gain. It's an awesome board, I'd recommend nforce boards to anyone.
  7. NEITHER, look at the performance boost from a nforce2 and they're not that much more
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