SELLING CUSTOM BUILT DESKTOP PACKAGE or Trading for 17'' gaming laptop

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I am trying to sell my custom built desktop computer, i will post specs below but it also comes with a brand new glasstop desk with metal frame. I also have a canon printer, canon scanner, microsoft fingerprint scanner.

It has a 1gig nvidia 9400GT card in it 16x PCI-X
Has a 500GB and 250GB SATA drive
Has 2 sticks of 2gigs each nvidia high performance/low latency RAM 4 gigs total
Has a Creative Audigy sound card in it w/ 7.1 surround
Has a 3.2GHz dual core Intel processor.
Has a dvd burner
case has a clear plastic side on it. I just got the case, so the pic shows the plastic film still on it. Front USB ports also.
Has a 550watt Thermal Take Pure Power power supply.
the Logitech G15 keyboard also
Logitech RX 300
it's running Windows Vista Ultimate
the AOC 2019Sw1 20" monitor with 5 ms response time hasn't even taken it out of the box yet

I am trying to get as close to $700 as i can get, i live in Sanford, FL so if someone lives near & wants to deal that be great. I am also interested in trading everything for a 17 inch Gaming laptop.

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  1. Have you tried eBay or Craigslist yet?
    For $700 it doesn't sound bad, would make a nice computer for my bro (the i7 is all mine asshole), but I'm kinda broke. And shipping to me would be more than the computer...
    The G15 alone is one of the reason why it interests me... those things are expensive.
    Same with Vista Ultimate.

    Maybe you should list the keyboard/OS/monitor first...
    Also, be more specific (such as the manufacturer of the graphics, such as Sapphire or XFX etc., series of the HDDs, brand, name, and speed of the RAM, the exact CPU model (and is 3.2GHz stock of overclocked), name of the case, and resolution of the monitor (which is seen in the pic, but should still be listed)).

    Good luck. Congrats to anyone who gets this.
  2. Pretty good buy here; large quantity and quality items. Good for getting an entire setup. Pretty Hi-Res monitor too. I agree post in-depth specs. Things like your monitor are a bit downplayed when in fact their pretty good.
  3. Thank you very much i do think it's a very good buy, i'll try to post more depth specs as i got this from someone else but now i'm desperate for a gaming laptop instead due to the smaller place i'm having to move into. The Monitor is a AOC 2019Sw 1 LCD 20 inch class. If someone is willing to purchase it i'd be happy to include a couple of new t-mobile cell phones still in their boxes as thanks.
  4. Lots of pimpage going on here. :lol:
  5. Hmm...

    get this as a secondary computer, or buy a AtI 5xxx... hmm.
    Damn you and your living very far awayness.
  6. As long as someone is willing to pay for shipping i'm more then willing to sell it to whom ever. If the person happens to live in FL that's great, but if someone will pay for the shipping we can just do western union & i'd ship everything immediately.
  7. I'm just seems like a decent enough PC, but why did you put such a crappy video card in it?

    Not a gamer?
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