Would you recommend the Logitech Momo steering wheel??

Hi all, what steering wheel for PC would you recommend and if you have a Momo please give me some feedback?

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  1. I've got a Logitech Formula Force EX, which I'm happy with.

    It doesn't have a gearstick, but since I tend to use the paddles anyway I don't miss it.
  2. Logitech G25? or the new one they are releasing for GT5?
  3. i have a momo racing. It works very well. I have no complaints for it.
  4. You will be pleased with it. I have one and got one for my son and one for my dad. So, I guess you can say Im a fan of it. It works great.
  5. I had the momo at first and was very happy with it. I'd say it's the second best wheel you can get.

    But then I got the G25. And WOW! What a difference. It ain't getting better in the near future...
  6. The G25 looks nice. It should be better than the Momo for an additional 130.00 more. If your budget allows you to go that far go for it, if not, you will be happy with the Momo.

    I can vouch for it.
  7. I've got the G25, it's very nice. I've tried the Momo as well, and it's okay.
  8. If you could only compare the momo to everything else, it would be great and everything else would be ok... ;)
  9. If you compared the momo to the g25 it would look like a very good arcade wheel; seriously the g25 is heavy, made of iron, with leather wheel and incredibly accurate and so strong it will give you sore muscles if you want to:) I love it
  10. what games work with a momo wheel
  11. Of course the G25 outshines everything else. You do pay for the difference. As I told the OP. If his budget can swing the G25, go for it. But if not, the MOMO is the 2nd best option. Everything else aside from the G25 pales in comparison to the MOMO.

    As far as compatible games. I've used it on everything up to Need for Speed Most Wanted. I haven't bought any of the latest games but it should work with the latest games as well. They usually have additional controller settings that will allow you to configure it...
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