KT400 VS nForce2

i'm about to buy my new MB but the the technology seams to confused me. which one is the best between VIA KT400 and nForce2. coz the THG never been tested this two titans.
-lookin forward for the answer-

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  1. I've had nothing but problems with via chipsets. I'd recommend the nforce2 just because it's not via based. I have an Asus a7n8x and it owns.
  2. So, there's no official records for that two chipset.
    i'm strill confused.
    THG admin help!

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  3. just do a search through this forum for VIA and read all the problems people have with it. Besides, KT400 doesn't do dual channel DDR and nForce2 does. Thats enough reason for me.

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  4. You're probably better off with the nforce2. The performance is better if you use the dual-channel DDR.

    Although I've had a kt400 MOBO for several months now and it has been completely trouble free. I probably would have bought an nforce2 if it was available at the time I neded the MOBO.

    I don't share the anti-VIA views of many here.

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  5. I run A7V8X & it's a dam fine board. VIA has matured. There's a lot of people that have tried OLD VIA chipsets around here that won't even give them a chance. Nforce baords are going to have to prove to me for at least 6 months to a year there better before I'll run one. I've built 3 Nforce systems so far though. I can't see the big advantage that is posted here every day in the forum. Some cut & paste the same answer over & over. I keep an open mind & cnange as needed. Something most won't do. If VIA had the great Dual solution instad of Nvidia, I'd like to see the cut & paste posts then. My $.02


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  6. All the tests are concluding you should go with nForce2 if you're building a new system. Via is in trouble right now. Their stuff runs fine, but it is lagging behind the nForce2 in many areas of performance and features.

    Bottom line is you can probably get a KT400 board for a bit less money, and it will run just fine. But the nForce is the way to go in my opinion. However with nForce, the other poster is right, there may yet be some "bugs" hidden since it is a new chipset.

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