Changing mobo+cpu without reinstalling XP

I'm about to upgrade from Asus/Pentium3 to Epox/Athlon.

As far as I know, I'll have to reinstall XP. But I've got lots of software installed and fine tunned and it would take days restoring everything .

Is there any way to make such radical upgrade without all this work?
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  1. you could try and xp might be able to do it. but i have found that a clean install is the way to go, generally small problems will creep up driving you nuts until you give in and start all over.
  2. reboot off the XP cd and choose 'leave the file sys intact'

    you'll have to reinstall drivers, and any apps that have registry checks, shortcuts, but all data besides windows and the 'my documents' folder will remain on drive
  3. I'm not sure, but i thought the My Documents folder was only relocated to some cyptic directory i dont remember
  4. Microsoft recommends a fresh install of XP, when changing just the mobo. I pulled it off going from an AOpen AK77-333 to an ABit AT7 Max (both Via KT333 boards). But the change ur making is pretty radical AND I still had to do a re-install XP to get it how I wanted it. W/ 98se & ME u could wipe the ENUM heading in the registry, but XP doesn't make it this ez. U mite be able to pull it off, but I would suspect a BSOD, when u try to boot it up. I would back up all ur stuff u wanna save (don't forget stuff like your Favorites, ur addy book in ur email client & the like). I've lost alot of stuff doing fresh installs--one time I lost my Quicken data due to, stOOpidly, trusting a CDRW backup--I had to guess @ my checking account balance for a month, until I got my reconciliation statement from the bank. But I would save all my stuff b4 I tore the system down (which is working) cuz the odds are against
  5.'s already done. I made lots backups preparing to reinstall everything.

    In the first boot with the new config, the installation CD with XPsp1 was in the drive, but it inicialized so fast that I missed. The boot happened from the HD.

    Contrary to my expectations, the XP loaded, installed detonator 30.82 (I was using 41.03), changed my monitor to Plug&Play, installed the onboard NIC (VIA VT6102 Rhine II), and recognized the onboard AC97 sound interface.

    I installed the sound driver from mobo's Cd, restored detonator 41.03, and reconfigured the ADSL connection. Everything running perfectly!

    I'm really surprised. I've made many upgrades not as radical as this and always had to reinstall XP due to XP not loading or BSOD's. I've already tested the system many times including with Prime95, 3DMark, etc. Everything is OK!

    I left a P3-866MHz & AsusP3V4X and now I'm almost flying in a XP2400+ & Epox 8k9a2+ :D

    OC and fine tunning coming soon.....
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