FS: parting out or whole desktop. freebies.

selling my computer. In good condition, everything works, comes with pre-installed software(OS) at buyers request. or if you want it to be stripped clean that is an option as well.
Computer will be only 400 if you take it as a whole.

The specs are...

processor: AMD 4200+ Dual Core athlon 64x2 $40
video card: Nvidia ASUS 8800GT 512MB $70
hard drive: 250GB Western Digital 7200RPM 8MB Cache $40
mobo: ASUS M2N-E $50
memory/RAM: 2 x 512MB Corsair Dual channel 1GB total DDR800 240 pin $30
case: P180black $80
power supple: 650Watt Antec Modular! $ 70
heatsink: Zalman aftermarket all copper heatsink/AS5 $30

22-inch Widescreen Acer AL2223W HDMI compatible (individual price $100)
MX-518 Logitech gaming grade mouse. ($30)

If i missed any items for some reason that you'd like to know feel free to ask.

Some other items i'm selling seperate from the computer are:
Zalman 5.1 Headphones $50

i will only deal locally or to places within driving distance. cash only to avoid scams. emails from UK, Africa will be deleted. no trades.
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  1. what is local to you.
  2. you should post on craigslist to sell locally.

    Toms hardware has people from all over the place.

    Have you already disassembled the system ? or did you just list prices for component values? Thanks.
  3. this is my craigslist ad post just copied heh.
  4. where are you located?
  5. sacramento, but i sold the computer as a whole already.
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