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I am running Vista and Norton Antivirus on a home LAN. I have an XP machine, a Vista machine, a Lkinsys WRT54GL and a PS3 (wireless). The PS3 successfully connects to the internet and I can see the PS3 on the network when i look at the Norton "View Networks" utility. But windows Vista (running on the same laptop) cannot see the PS3 on the network. I want to setup media player 11 to act as a server for the PS3. I have even set an static IP address (150) and I have tried DMZ, dropping firewalls, etc. Nothing I do lets my Vista Laptop see the PS3. How can I fix this?
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  1. knowing m$.... its probably unfixable (i dont know though)
  2. I use my PS3 with Media player in XP; it was recognized as an "unknown device" but it was pretty easy to enable.
  3. I really never paid attention if my PC can view the PS3 on the network. However head here to set up Media Player 11 as a server:
  4. If you want to stream mpeg 1-4 or DivX content from your PC to ps3, run TVersity, Playstation Media Server, or any other DLNA media server on your PC... you can get the above software for free.

    A little bird told me you can use Windows Media Player 11 to stream DLNA, but I haven't tried it - I am happy with TVersity.

    I have also heard that you can stream VOB files directly. I haven't confirmed this.

    I have also heard that the ps3 artificially imposes a 2GB limit on the aforementioned files for copy protection reasons - I haven't confirmed this either, but I've already encoded most of my movie collection to under 1GB - (because I encoded non 720p stuff, oldschool before I had HD)
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