Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Rig and a old Compaq Pentium 4 Rig up for grab

That is the listing with all information on the Q9550 Rig up for sale (of course if your not in the area i will ship, buyer pays for shipping also)
offers are permitted.

Here are the System Specs:

CPU (computer)/processor : Intel Q9550 Core 2 QUAD, 12MB L2 Cache 2.83 GHZ
- ADDED BONUS: REPLACED THE CRAPPY INTEL STOCK FAN FOR A ZALMAN CNPS9500 (40$ VALUE) "Lowered the temperature down 10C immediately!
- Cleaned CAREFULLY & SPOTLESS with ARTICLEAN, and Re-applied a FRESH NEW COATING of ARTIC SILVER 5, One of the best thermal compound on the market!

Graphics/Video Card : XFX GTS 250 Core edition 512MB

Power Supply: OCZ 600 watts MODULAR power supply ( Yup MODULAR, instead of all the cords sticking out You just use whatever plug you need and plug it in, making this a very capable non-wiring mess! )

Case : Antec Three Hundred Illusion
---- Comes with : (1 x 120mm Rear Fan), (2 x 120mm TriCool BLUE LED front fans), (1 x 140mm TwoCool BLUE LED top fan)
** Added a separately ordered ANTEC TRICOOL 120mm Side Case Fan, for the graphics card **
* For a total of 5 Silent Fans to keep everything VERY cool *

MotherBoard : ASUS P5Q SE PLUS ATX LGA 775 Intel

Memory/Ram : G.SKILL 2X2, 4GB DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)

Optical Drive /Dvd-CD Burner : Samsung SH-S223F

Hard drive: I will be keeping my hard drive since it has my data on it, (but why would you even want mine anyways?)
I have some certificate for World of Warcraft from NVIDA, I'll be happy to throw that in as well.
If you are needing to purchase a hard drive I will be more then glad and try to help purchase one online for you while i order new parts (ask me though)

Operating System: A free copy of Windows 7 ULTIMATE RC1 WIll be included, 32 bit or 64 bit

More Convent Viewing:
Intel Q9550
OCZ 600 Watts ModXtreme Modular
Antec Three Hundred Illusion
Samsung SH-S223F
Windows 7 ULTIMATE RC1 32 or 64 BIT
Zalman CNPS 9500 CPU FAN
Antec TRICOOL 120mm Side Case Fan, for graphics card
Carefully applied and Cleaned with ARTICLEAN AND ARTIC SILVER 5
All Boxes and Manuals etc.
Also up for sale is my Compaq computer, Pentium 4 Windows Xp SP 2, 512 mb Samsung, 70gb hdd, 2 optical drives,
comes with the system restore disks i had to order separately.

Offer on this or any other information if you like on it, Ill let it go for around $100-200, still works and you can factory restore and use it for your own personal/office/ whatever needs.

Compaq MV740 CRT 17" Monitor
This CRT monitor comes with particular speakers with it, and these speakers even include built in microphones! Such a convenience to have microphones inside your speakers don't you think? At the top you can tell that is a slot to also put a convenient webcam!

Any questions or more detail let me know thanks for looking!
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  1. Hey, How much can you reuse..? I need the Q9550 could even use the 4GB
    DDR2.... Way easy to mail...
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