Having trouble installing Windows XP!!

Over the weekend when I tried to boot my computer, I got an error message telling me that a Windows file was either missing or corrupted. I tried to repair it using my Windows XP CD but I got another message saying that Windows was unable to repair or restore the file and that the disk may be damaged. Thinking that my hard drive crapped out on me, I installed a brand new hard drive and tried to do a fresh Windows (XP) install and at the end of the "setup" stage, I get a message saying that Windows was unable to continue, "setup" possibly due to a damaged disk and that I should double check all connections and refer to the manual. I thought it was my old hard drive, but now that I know its not, I'm clueless. Could it be the actual Windows CD?? Any ideas???

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  1. It very well may be the cd-rom drive or media. My list of troubleshooting steps when it comes to a machine that doesn't want to install and is complaining about drive or interface issues is:

    1) Look at the bios and make sure the system isn't overclocked (I've had many machines refuse to install while overclocked but work fine overclocked once they were installed)
    2) Try different installation media (xp cd)
    3) Try a different cd-rom drive
    4) Try a different hard-drive
    5) Test CPU and Motherboard seperately.
    6) Replace Faulty CPU or Motherboard (Usually motherboard)

  2. You might want to check if there's any loosen component in it. I got a problem like this before due to one of my ram is loosen. No harm check it out and tighten up everything... :)

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  3. Well, I did try to boot with a new hard drive but that didn't seem to work. I never thought to check the RAM but I would have thought I'd get an error message if it were that. The computer sees it during POST, but it doesn't hurt to check like you said. Thanks

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