Im looking for a new Single Player Game

I am looking for a new single player game to play. I want something that is NOT FPS. I last played Titan Quest, KOTOR and KOTOR II. Before that I played many online games but dont have that kind of time now.

I need something I can play for 4 hours or just 30 min. and walk away. I used to play Diablo, Diablo II, Ultima Online, and Dark Ages of Camelot. So I like that perspective of game play.

Anyone have any suggestion?

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  1. Third Person isometric top down view is not very popular anymore. The game you are looking for is probably Dragon Age though. It is currently in development by Bioware, which is the company that made KOTOR. Top down view role playing game. Supposed to be very similar in concept to Baldur's Gate 2.


    Can't think of anything else with similar gameplay style to what you have listed there that isn't first person....

    If you are cool with third person over the shoulder style, Mass Effect is coming to the PC in about a month.
  2. Oldie - Severance: Blade of Darkness :D
  3. THE WITCHER! I have vouched for this game several times and will do so again gladly! I believe it fits virtually all of your preferences. And it was widely regarded as the best RPG of 2007. The story, atmosphere, and characters are all top notch. Some of the translation is a bit sketchy, but really, it's not bad at all! This game is focused much more on plot development, immersion, and atmosphere than looting and leveling up, and there really isn't much new gear/equipment to be found. I personally don't care about this at all, but there are some people who are more into customization than character/plot. It is also a very adult oriented game in that there are very mature themes, ideas, and situations, including some sexual content. Just to give you a taste, here's one of my favorite, albeit a slightly cheesy, lines so far:

    "Sex, politics, politics, sex...they both come down to one thing: f****ing others!"

    Furthermore, the developers of The Witcher are soon coming out with a new content patch known as "The Witcher 2.0" which is a fairly extensive redesign of the whole game...FOR FREE! It will include a whole slew of new character models, improved load times, and will largely replace the current translation, with which the developers weren't completely satisfied.

    As per your request on time, I have been playing The Witcher for several months and still haven't finished. This is largely due to the fact that I CAN just hop in for a few minutes and collect a couple of quest items. At the same time, I've had a couple ~5 hour sessions, which is usually when I delve more into the plot related quests.

    One final note, the camera view can be switched from 3rd person isometric to over the sure you can find something you like there.
  4. The Witcher looks intresting and I may try that one. I do have kids in the house so I will have to be careful with what they see. Which is why no more online gaming for me. I just dont have that kind of time anymore lol.

    Dragon age looks cool too when it comes out, but it looks to be a ways off.
  5. Yeah, it will probably be a bit before Dragon Age comes out. There has been little to no hype for it thus far, so it is very hard to tell when it will hit.

    I forgot all about the Witcher. Probably fits the bill. I would recommend playing the demo before buying it as it isn't everybody's cup of tea.
  6. There's a few good non-FPS games coming out in the next few months. Spore and StarCraft 2 among them.
  7. oblivion?
  8. oblivion might work for you, but that game is more loot/level-up oriented. The fact that the op played (and i assume liked) the KOTOR games leads me to believe he would prefer the Witcher, but as someone above said, try the demo first, some people just can't get used to the control scheme or lack of equipment and character customization.
  9. Jade Empire is also supposed to be good, Same developers as Kotor and Dragon Age, I've just started playing it, it's Eastern mythology rather than Western mythology if that makes a difference to you.
  10. I dont mind loot, level up, equiptment, character build oriented games. Diablo II was like that and most of the online games I have played are like that. What I like about KOTOR was that I could play for 30 min. or 3 hours or more and walk away. I just dont like FPS type games. I will look into oblivian too.
  11. Looks like you have broad enough interests that you could enjoy both The Witcher and Oblivion...well, that's what demos are for!
  12. I would say Oblivion too. But since you are onto Diablo II annd games that you can play for 30 mins and walk off ... I would suggest Hellgate London as well. It is fast pace, and from the creators of Diablo. Some people say it's not as good. It's fine with me though.
  13. Anonymous said:
    Oldie - Severance: Blade of Darkness :D

    OMG! I replayed this one about a year ago, back in the day it was great, but I wasn't feeling it anymore, reminds me too much of Prince or Persia.

    I would recommend The Witcher, it's definitely an excellent game, complex, non linear, and loads of eye candy, and you'll get a few laughs and a few blushes from the dialog.

    Maybe look into Mass Effect when it comes out on pc.

    Still KOTOR is my favourite game of all time.
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