FS: Custom Full Window Cooler Master ATCS 840

cost me 300 + 30 shipping from Frozen CPU not long ago

i only want 200 shipped for it (providing you're not right up north somewhere otherwise i'd want another 10 bux, im in OKC)

wasn't used for very long, it's been sitting in the closet in its original box for weeks, i think theres a couple of little scuffmarks on the window but thats about it, i have a brand new window sitting here too so whoever buys the case can have that just for the cost of shipping.

USA only, and non-cc Paypal only please.

this is for the case only, no components.

ebay : megand75 ( over 200 feedback )

heatware : nightwalkerdnb ( don't use it much )

any questions you can PM me, or my aim name is modernwarfareftw

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