Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review

Review by Travis Meacham.

Is Kane still alive? Are the Scrin still harassing the Earth? Will Natasha Henstridge take off her clothes? The answers to these questions and more are inside our review of Kane's Wrath.
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  1. Im a fan of the more simple RTS games, and just bought this one. I like it so far and agree that the 8.0 rating was a good one.


  2. I agree with most of the review.. except two things....

    1. Global conquest mode sucks! The fast action RTS blows (it's the hole problem with C&C since EA took over), the AI has an unfair advantage when it comes to speed, it never slows down or gets distracted. I found that each most of the time i lost becuase i couldn't get a single unit built before i was being pounded by the attack force 10 seconds into the map.. no lie.

    2. Natasha Henstridge ain't that bad.. you have to admit, Kane's got some taste.
  3. Well for the single player it is nice to have a little filler in the gaps that seem to be in place from C&C2 to C&C3 and a bit beyond. I would love to see what took place between C&C1 and C&C2 as well but this is good enough.

    Glad they brought back some of the good C&C2 units. I kinda missed the Titan and Wolverine. Too bad they didn't bring back the Mammoth MKII as that was my fave unit of all time. It was almost a one unit army.

    All over its a good solid game and gives yoou some more lore of the C&C universe plus some new multiplayer/skirmish tactics.
  4. Yea this should help hold me over until Red Alert 3, which has always been my fave part of C&C.


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