Combo Brass Yagi Antenna 17 dBi and Wi-Fi router

This is the ultimate combo for all your wireless use; you wont believe the strength of these products put together!

The WRT54GL is a Wi-Fi router like no othe. ;It has a Linux based professional firmware (DD-WRT), to convert a “regular” router into a professional one, meeting all your needs in routing tasks. A $600.00 value!

The Yagi Antenna is an outdoor and indoor antenna designed to be installed on a Wi-Fi router (N-type connector) and to reach a distant point (802.11B/G Internet or other Network signal). Each antenna is tuned to get the strongest signal available (+17 dBi) at 2.4 GHz.

Different case studies were done with our Combo Yagi Router:

• You can use it as an “Internet repeater” and transmit your Internet connection to a distant point, using our Yagi Antenna;
• The Router can be used for catching an outside, far away Internet signal and then broadcasting it inside the house using the 802.11 Wi-Fi signal or simply through the RJ-45 cable;
• By installing several linked routers in different locations permits sharing of the Internet with multiple users in different buildings;
• Regular emission strength of the router can be modified to boost the strength of this device.

Technical Specification
You can get professional equipment at competitive prices:
• Weatherproof Yagi Antenna (17 elements +17dBi) with N-type connector (for 802.11B and 802.11G protocol)
• A mounting hole permits the Yagi Antenna to be readily adapted to a camera tripod or conversely, the mounting bracket for a mast type arrangement;
• Hole to put directly the Yagi Antenna directly on a camera tripod and brackets for mast or other mounting types;
• The WRT54GL Router with professional firmware installed issimply the best router on the market;
• Solid brass construction of the Yagi Antenna assures water and corrosion resistance. A special coating prevents abrasion, UV discoloration and resistance to corrosion.

Was: $154.95
Now: $134.95

If you have any questions about this product just reply in this post or email us at and we'll be pleased to give you more information. We are also selling more Wi-Fi products, so you can visit us at
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