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I own the original Battlefield 2142 and decided to purchase the Northern Strike booster pack. However, since they came out with the deluxe version, it is impossible to purchase just the booster pack anymore. The only choice left was to download it through the EA website. However this is quickly looking like a bad decision.

I decided to download it on my laptop at school since they have the faster connection and I can download at 1.5 MB/s (really, it's awesome). After I download it, i notice that I have to activate it through the EA download manager. I do that and then the activate button changes to an install button. Well I don' t want to install it on my laptop because it is not a gaming computer. I go to look for the file so I can copy it to my flash drive and put it on my desktop but the file isn't there. The download manager is hiding it from me even though I have my folder settings to show hidden files and folders. Then I read even further through the EA website and realize that you can't uninstall the EA downloader after the file is downloaded because it is used for DRM to validate you install. Does this mean that it has to be running on my desktop while I play the game. I DON'T NEED ANY MORE BACKGROUND PROGRAMS RUNNING!!! Also, the download will only be available for a limited time and I didn't purchase the extended download service. this means that in 3 months when I routinely format my computer, I will not have access to the game I purchased legally!!!! THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!!!

I hate to say it but this is worse than Microsoft. I recently purchased Office Ultimate online due to the special they had for college students. I was able to download it and burn it on a cd for permanent storage. No problem at all.

Has anyone else purchased games from EA this way? What have you done?
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  1. Well, after some searching around on the internet and my computer, I was able to find the install file buried in a bunch of folders. However, will I still need the EA downloader?
  2. just try it
  3. Was northern strike ever available alone in a retail box? EA downloader doesnt start every time i run bf2142 so I dont know, maybe its because it was a booster pack that it doesnt, thats not what I would mind so much as I agree, you dont get your own copy I will never get an EA game via their download process, only retail. Ive used direct2drive, for a few online game purchases, i enjoy it, I get my download files, can burn them to a disc, and ive already reformated a couple of times in the case of some of the games, install, does ONE online check when the game runs for the first time on a fresh install and thats it.
  4. EA DRM software is cack though.
  5. Yea, it was available in stores for $20, i just never wanted to pay that much. Now that I want it, they don't sell the standalone, you have to buy the deluxe edition that has the original game plus the booster for $30. Thought I was saving money by buying only the booster pack.
    I downloaded it on my laptop and copied the file on my flash drive. I will install it on my desktop when I get home and see if it works without the EA downloader installed. I will post here when I find out.
  6. Well, I got home and was able to install northern strike without installing the downloader. I did have to reinstall the 1.4 patch to be able to play but other than that, no issues. It is good to know that I don't need the downloader and can reinstall from the downloaded files
  7. use a drive space mapper like tuneup utilities

    then look for files that is around the file size of the game
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