At this point, I beg you please help (Print issue)

To start with, I know computers, hardware, windows, networks, printers... But this is driving me nuts... to me it`s a month old issue... didnt work on it for a month but I have to get this fixed.

Pcs affected.
Windows 7
I5 750
Intel Mobo
4gigs ram
Ati 55xx videocard
Autocad 2007

Xerox Workcenter 7242

Either plotting in autocad
Or to make it simple Printing a simple Drawing from Reader9 or Acrobat8

All the damn lines are the exact same even if they are not on the computer. This is important to these guys as they are architects.

I put the pdf on the network drive and printed it from other machines, and it prints perfectly.
I printed it from an xp machine and from another machine that is the exact same hardware and software... both perfect but not THIS ONE

So the issue is In This machine, Not the PDF or Cad file in question... also does the same for any file.

Tried creating a new profile.
Tried reinstalling the printer. Universal printer, PCL5, PCL6, PS

no change.

Within Adobe reader, advanced settings, I played around with the advanced option
Color profile : adobe RGB, Apple RGB srgb... all the same.

I welcome any possible advice, anything that I might have missed.

I think it`s a setting, either in the registry, or in the driver.... making me crazy... also my allergie season started so More trouble troubleshooting now.. grr

I would appreciate any ANY advice... Or else mid time next week ill come back onsite and reformat.... like Nuking an annoying fly.... will solve the issue... point is it has to be fixed and I put in too much time alredy.

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  1. Unistall the full Adobe, install the latest Reader wilth all patches, try printing the PDF then.

    Have you tried PostScrpt drivers for the printers? Looks like Xerox offers full Win 7 support for the model, so you should have plenty of things to play with.

    And just to visualize what's happening, lets say they have a room picture, long walls, short walls, etc.. all of the walls when printed are the same length? Can you scan and post a sample print-out? Just make sure you remove and personal and/or propriotory info, maybe just zoom in a bit on the image only.
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