Crysis not running right...

hey guys, i just completed system and i cant run crysis on max and im very dissapointed.

i have 4gb ram, quadcore 2.66ghz, and 8800gt

i dont know what else u guys need to know. i know it should run flawlessly on max, pls let me know what u need to know and help meeeee. im sure when u guys buy ur crazy systems, you can understand the pain to see something not go right thinkin u just blew ur money on nothing :(
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  1. There was a hot fix for Vista. Make sure your Updated.
  2. Since when does an 8800GT let you play on max, at anything other than 800x600 and less?
  3. All we really need to know is Crysis + MAX + single 8800GT (or anything). No single GPU out there can max crysis at a respectable resolution. Really no two GPU's out can truely max crysis at 16x10 or above. So, as was said, play max details at super low resolution, or lower your details. A single 8800GT is more a medium/high detail card for crysis at 16x10 res. Higher res make that medium. Lower res you could make that high. If you want to play at higher details, you will need a second 8800GT...and you still won't MAX crysis in Vista.
  4. I could be wrong, but I don't think there are any systems out there that could run Crysis flawlessly on max at a reasonable resolution. If there are, they're probably highly overclocked and are using Sli/Crossfire.

    Crysis was designed to only be maxed out by hardware a few years down the line so that it has greater longevity and it's visuals can keep up with upcoming games. If you build a new system 3 years from now and can't max it, then you can be dissapointed, but right now that system should run it well at settings that make it look awesome.
  5. Take a look at HardOCP's articles. Not even SLI'd 9800GX2s can run it with max everything (maybe if they dropped the resolution, but why would you do that on cards that good?).
  6. My experience with Crysis is this:

    I just put together a new PC with the following specs:

    Core 2 Quad 9450 2.66GHz Overlocked to 3.0GHz
    2x Radeon HD3870 in crossfire mode: OC'ed from 770Mhz to 850Mhz
    8GB RAM DDR2 800
    Vista Ultimate 64-bit
    Western Digital Raptor hard drives in a RAID-0

    I run Crysis with ALL settings on Very High at 1680x1050 but I can only turn anti-aliasing up to 4x. If i turn it to 8x then my FPS drops well below 30 and isn't very playable.

    I felt the same as you when i first loaded up crysis. After buying such a PC, watercooling it and overclocking it, i expected the game to run at a much higher resolution, but the game is just a beast.

    If you thought it out and purchased a SLI motherboard, you really should go get a second GT. The 8800 GT is slightly faster than the 3870 is stock, so you should be able to play it at the same quality as me.
  7. oh really? wow. my bad. i had a friend who ran it max flawlessly with his 8800gt oc. maybe i shud clarify with what he was saying. hes not one to make verbal mistakes like that. sli mobo + another card is way too much money for now. ill consider when upgrading comp later. but thanks for all your posts, it really does make me feel better. i thought something was wrong haha. i guess not.

    was wondering, could you guys now help me with which details to put ultra high and which to put low? (i think u get what i mean) i just want to optimize game play + graphics =) like everyone i guess. and how much anti-a shud i put up? thx!
  8. oh sorry, forgot to mention, i play at 1440x900 res.
    was also wondering how to set up my dual monitor with the game? i remeber seeing somewhere that crysis is multi monitor compatible, but i cant seem to find out where to enable that.
  9. i can say that at that res, you will nearly have it playable i guess? at least that was the case with an 8800 gts/ 4gb/q6600 combo i have seen - averaging about 10-15 fps
  10. if you whant to max iut crysis in very high resolution get a quad sli of 9800gx2 LOL
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