Gran turismo coming to pc???!!!!!

I recently saw on IGN that Kazunori Yamauchi (CEO of Polyphony Digital and creator and producer of the Gran Turismo series) recently had an interview with a german magazine derstandard, and in that interview he was asked

whether "gran turismo would go to another platform", and he replied:

"It is very very unlikely that GT will come out on another console. But perhaps it may come out on the PC."

Now im very excited about this, and it is could be confirmed in the next few weeks. That would be HUUGE!.
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  1. I'll believe it when I see it...
  2. Yeah, it wont come out, sony and polyphony digital are gay lovers.
  3. Not happening.
  4. Instead for be all down about it just makes sure you have enough votes for the reality for Gran Turismo for pc. Hold a pole on YouTube and Facebook or something like that then send the numbers to them. Id hope you would have enough people on your side to sway the idea. Ill vote on that for sure. Sounds like a good plan. MMO Racing games here we come LOL. Good Luck!
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