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Hi, I have a problem starting up my computer, and I think its the motherboard I'm having a problem with.
I'm using Gigabyte GA-8IHXP and after I got all my stuff together, I hit the power switch and my fans start spinning for about 2 seconds and the power goes out. The RAM LED light goes out in about 2 seconds as well. I also think it could be something wrong with the power supply (350W) but I highly doubt it cuz poewr supplies don't usually cause problems I believe... Could anyone help out and tell me what's wrong? Thank you so very much~
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  1. Check all your jumper settings. See if that does it. If not, remove all cards except for video and memory.

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  2. I'm not sure, but I've ran the system once without the continuity RAM in place, I've turned on the power without the continuity RAM.....could that be a problem? Also, I've tried running it with only the motherboard, CPU, RAM and the graphics card....still the same thing happens...I'm assuming its a fault in the motherboard...or could it be the RAM? Thanks~
  3. yeah, and the manual says I need the continuity RAMs in place for any empty RIMM slots...
  4. the same thing happens with the continuity RAM...Could I have damaged the motherboard when I turned on the power without them in the first place?
  5. Do you have a PAIR of modules installed in the proper slots as described in the manual?

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  6. This may not help. I had a problem like this one time when fixing my sisters computer. First thing I thought of was the usual, (power supply, ram, mobo, etc.). The problem was actually a bad hard drive. But, that was a long time ago, on a very old computer.

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  7. yeah, I have the pair of 1066 rambus in place....and the continuity RAMs
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