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I have been playing freespace2(best space fight sim ever) because I havent been able to play freelancer, now Im craving freelancer(gotta battlestar galactica mod). The game works on my laptop, but the graphics suck, but it wont work on my desktop. My system specs are q6600, 4gb memory, and a 9600gt, so i should not have a problem, but when i choose to load the game it goes right to desktop with the music playing, then a error report comes up. Also where are the freelancer servers?
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  1. This may not be it, but I'll go ahead and ask anyways...what processor do you use on your desktop?
  2. Intel q6600 quad core with 4gb memory and a 512mb 9600ft
  3. forgive me. I was drunk last night when I typed that. What I meant to ask was...what OS do you use? Vista or XP?
  4. Dont apologize, i like to get sauced myself, anyway, i use windows xp with sp2
  5. Have you applied the 1.1 update?
  6. yep, when i initailly loadedit in, still no luck
  7. Hmm it should work. Could possibly be a compatability issue between the 9600GT and the old game engine. Have you tried swapping the card out for an older one?
  8. you could be right I dont have another old card, before i had the 9600gt , i used a 7600gt, and it worked fine with that, then all of a sudden it didnt work with that either, it works on the laptop, but i d rather blow stuff up on my desktop, instead of my laptop. Besides freespace 2 is older than freelancer and it works fine(lotta free's,LOL)
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