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The story looks to be very promising. Once I found out that the main character started out working for a fascist police state corporation, I knew that he was going to defect. I could tell simply by the name of the developers: Free Radicals. The name itself implies radical left-wingness. I think that this radical voice is very often silenced in games, and very often we get butloads of propaganda on games to make us support a war, idea, or way of living. The reason that the main character defects from the corporation is because he probably began to question. ant this is when he realized that all he was doing was working for money, nothing more than a common mercenary. The rebels are probably fighting for freedom and equality, and want to fend off invaders. These invaders always invade with a supposed benevolent purpose (US anyone), but the true intention is kept under wraps. Just look at Vietnam.
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  1. I'm sorry to shake up your world view but radicalism is not limited to the left part of the political spectrum, so the name itself does not imply left-wingess. There's both right- and left-wing radicals to be found.

    The storyline itself as you wrote it here, does imply left-wingness :)
  2. yea i guess your right,, maybe the term free, or something. But the developer looked like a former 60s hippy anyway so, kinda figured.
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