Selling EVGA GTX 260 Core 216

Hey all!
I'm not going to go through my life story but basically I recently built a computer including the mentioned card. Well now I want a new card and need to get some money back for this card, and dam newegg won't let me exchange haha. It is nearly brand new, less than a month, and works perfectly. I have over clocked it successfully, and there is no card damage whatsoever.

I'm looking at trying to get $160. I know that might be a little ridiculous for a used card, but I would hardly call it used.

Anybody interested, my email is . I can give any needed pictures, information, screen recordings of me (trying) to play crysis :p. I just need to get a different gfx card, there's no reason that I would want to get rid of this card other than that.

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Oh some other things guys, I have everything originally included. And something else strange, I only have the regular version of this card. Clearly labelled on the box and nowhere on the card does it say its the superclocked version. Yet, when I went to overclock (with the provided EVGA precision tool) It had the SSC version clocks (Core:626 mHz...etc.) instead of the regular clocks (Core:576 I think)... Just thought I'd throw that out there. This card was major bang for my buck and I was able to overclock it to Core:741 mHz and Memory:1193 mHz. It works excellent, no artifacting. Hope somebody buys this card xD.
  2. provide external links (newegg or equiv) with specs/current pricing for better sale results~ expecially to your EXACT model
  3. ill offer 100$ shipped
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